Unlock your growth by aligning your information systems with your operations.

Don’t let your ERP and CRM software limit your ability to connect every person, system, and operational process. Leverage our 25+ years of business process experience to build a digital twin of your real-world operations.

TwinEngines unifies your ERP, CRM,
financial, and operational systems
to function as an integrated
business process platform.


Do you face these business process bottlenecks?

Customers and Distributors Out of the Loop

ERP sales orders flowed through the CAD, job
scheduling, production, and shipping processes— all from a customer form. As a result, dealers and distributors were out of the loop, forcing data entry errors, increased support, and delayed deliveries.

Manual Systems Couldn't Keep Up. ERP Didn't Fit

As the manual workflow management system based on job jackets grew exceedingly complex, the production staff was never certain they had the latest specs in hand. Off-the-shelf ERP systems were unable to adapt to the unique operational approach.

Silos of Information and Isolated Spreadsheets

The company’s ERP system could handle the key functions, but it could not closely align to the business. As a result, different departments created standalone databases for their needs — resulting in silos of information and isolated spreadsheets.

Looking to Upgrade while Keeping the Legacy ERP

Fibrix wanted to keep Dynamics GP even though the legacy ERP system could not manage a complex multi-plant manufacturing operation. Using spreadsheets to manage production lines was limiting their growth.

Unify your ERP, CRM, financial and operational systems to function
as an integrated business process platform.