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Ambulance providers face reduced reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid at a time when transportation costs are increasing. As a result, providers are being forced to increase rates to cover expenses not compensated by the government or from indigent patients.

Alacura is the first and only medical transportation management company dedicated to simplifying air and ground transportation. Alacura was established to bridge the gap between payors and ambulance providers in an effort to stabilize the medical transportation industry. In the same way that specialty management programs create solid business platforms for radiology, oncology, post-acute, and other healthcare specialties, Alacura has built a next-generation management solution for the medical transport industry.

How it Works: Alacura receives transport requests directly from our health plan clients and from the facilities within their networks. By distributing requests directly to our transport network providers, participating providers receive additional transports outside of their normal referral stream.

Seamless Solution: Alacura handles all payor and facility interfacing, which allows your team to focus strictly on providing quality care. All patient agreements, explanation of benefits, and co-payment collections are handled by Alacura coordinators. Regardless of the payor, Alacura assumes all risks and guarantees payment at your contracted rate within 30 days.

Grow Your Market: Alacura works with hospitals nationwide to expand the maps and increase exposure for our network providers.

Learn More: Use the contact form below or give us a call to learn how you can participate in the Alacura Network.

Alacura for providers

  • Bridges the gap between ambulance providers and payors
  • Seamless solution. You focus on transport
  • Easy way to grow your market
  • We manage benefits, payments, and collections
  • Guaranteed payment. We handle the risk.

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