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Ambulance Providers are under increased pressure. Many face reduced reimbursements and increased regulatory scrutiny at a time when transportation costs are increasing. Navigating the competing needs of patients, hospitals, and health plans requires deep expertise. Alacura can help providers navigate this complex landscape.

Alacura is the first and only medical transportation management company dedicated to simplifying air and ground transportation. Alacura was established to bridge the gap between health plans and ambulance providers in an effort to stabilize the medical transportation industry. To address these issues, Alacura has built a next-generation management solution for the medical transport industry.


  • Single source access to more plans – Joining the Alacura network gives you access to our customer base – over 20 health plans that you can access through one process.
  • Clinical and logistical support – Alacura’s clinicians work with the sending facility to ensure all health plan prior authorization documentation is in order. Our Provider Portal allows you to focus on providing quality transport care for your patients while we handle the administrative burden.
  • Claims management – Alacura reviews the claim and we provide prompt reimbursement for our in-network providers.  We solve reimbursement challenges for providers.
  • Verification of patient needs – Level of Service Determination- we will determine and coordinate the most appropriate level of care- we won’t send you a transport that you won’t get paid for.
  • Improved cash flow – Contracting with Alacura means you are generally paid within 30-45 days – not a year.
  • Improved health plan relations – Providers leverage Alacura’s relationships with health plans to reduce administrative burden and allow them to focus on patient care.

These are among the benefits of the Alacura Transportation Network which help align the interests of hospitals, health plans, and providers in serving patient needs. We invite you to participate in our growth as we continue to add health plan partners to our network.


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Alacura for providers

  • Bridges the gap between ambulance providers and health plans
  • Seamless solution allows you to focus on transport and care. We handle the rest.
  • Easy way to grow your market
  • We manage benefits, payments, and collections
  • Guaranteed payment. We handle the risk.

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