Payor Solutions

Alacura works with health plans and their network partners to provide member-focused solutions to the increasing costs and frustrations associated with the medical transportation industry.

medical transport management for payorsOur comprehensive suite of logistics for patients, providers, and health plans manages medical transportation spend, improves the patient care experience, and delivers significant cost reductions to all stakeholders.

Today, when a hospital physician writes an order to transfer a patient, they typically don’t specify by air or by ground. That decision is usually left to the air ambulance provider. Because profits are considerably higher with air transports, ambulance providers are incentivized to fly patients rather than transfer them by ground.

Today, 77% of air ambulance transports are billed “out-of-network” which means that patients can be billed for whatever insurance doesn’t cover. This balance-billing has become a regular practice of the large air ambulance companies. A recent study shows that 40% of patients transported by air ambulance were exposed to balance billing and that the average balance bill was almost $20,000

Alacura helps health plan members get the transport they need without the risk of a large surprise bill. Alacura works with health plans to ensure that their members know they have options and that the most cost-effective and medically appropriate transport is not necessarily by air.

Alacura’s proprietary platform allows us to make rapid transport decisions and process authorizations immediately. Whether your members need to be transported by air or ground, we ensure that they fly with a safe, reliable, in-network provider.

Benefits to Payers

  • Improves the member experience by eliminating balance-billing
  • Delivers cost reductions to all stakeholders
  • Keeps medical transport in-network
  • Proprietary platform enables rapid transport decisions and realtime authorizations
    Gives payors a total transport benefits management solution

Protect your members from exorbitant balance-billing.