Alacura Transfer Center






Alacura coordinates every aspect of a medical transport — bedside to bedside. 

Patient Transfer CenterAlacura brings a deep understanding of the clinical needs of high-acuity patients, the complex logistics and service requirements faced by providers, and the administrative requirements of the health plan.  Alacura seamlessly manages these intricate details to ensure every patient receives the care they need, every time.

Alacura brings negotiated rates, in-network consistency, and utilization management to the medical transport industry. Alacura supports the needs of the hospital, health plan, and the patient to ensure that every transport is patient-focused, medically-appropriate, time-effective, and cost-efficient. 

Our industry-leading platform, the Alacura Transfer Center, connects hospital and patient requests to the health plan’s medical protocols, claims, eligibility, and customer service systems and processes.

Our patient-centered approach to authorizing and sourcing the right transport solution follows a three-part approach:

At a glance

  • Transfer Center operates 24/7/365

  • Parallel processing platform simultaneously assesses clinical needs and authorizes benefits while sourcing ambulance providers

  • Transfer process medically-managed by ER MDs and Flight Nurses with patient transport experience.

  • Alacura’s nationwide network protects patients from balance billing

1. Matching Patient Needs

We provide realtime clinical assessments based on over ten million transport requests for complicated clinical conditions — across the country and around the globe.

Alacura’s patient transport coordinators are comprised of emergency room physicians, flight nurses, case managers, and other healthcare experts who understand the dynamics of patient transport.

Alacura’s hands-on expertise allows us to personalize service for each patient and support them physically, mentally, and emotionally mile-by-mile from facility-to-facility.

2. Rapid Transport Response

Alacura’s Transfer Center Solution rapidly and accurately connects transport requests to the most patient-appropriate mode and effective cost.

The Transfer Center works 24/7/365 to verify eligibility and pre-authorization. We determine the optimal mode of transportation to avoid inappropriate usage and align incentives with health plans.

Alacura’s providers of air transportation services are licensed DOT and FAA air carriers.

3. Total Transport Management

From prior-authorization to medical management, we coordinate hospital processes, emergency fleets, network credentialing, and total benefits management.

We work directly with patients and hospital staff to coordinate care, scheduling, and logistics within the member’s benefits and the health plan’s medical protocols.

We also maintain negotiated in-network rates of qualified medical transportation providers and negotiate and [reprice out-of-network claims]. Our Total Transport Management solution includes monthly analytics detailing utilization, claims expense, and customer satisfaction scores.

The Transfer Process:

  1. The Hospital contacts the Alacura Transfer Center as its single source for all medical transport needs.
  2. The Alacura transport team uses our industry-leading platform to capture patient information, verify eligibility, and identify transport assets.
  3. Alacura trauma clinicians oversee the triage process to determine the most appropriate transport solution based on the patient’s medical needs.
  4. Alacura dispatches the required transport: Fixed-wing, rotor, or ground.
  5. Alacura protects the patient from balance billing while supporting the healthplan through comprehensive utilization management and reporting.


Give your members a safe, clinically-appropriate, and cost-efficient medical transfer.