Solutions for Hospitals

Hospitals need safe, effective medical transport for their patients. Alacura makes it easy to move your patients without being…

  • hospital medical transportCompromised by air an ambulance company’s desire to increase the volume of air transports
  • Slowed by having your overtaxed team spend hours on administration and logistics of finding a receiving bed and managing the logistics of transport, or
  • Encumbered by the complexity of health plan rules about “in-network versus out-of-network” or “closest most appropriate facility.”

Alacura is a different kind of transfer center

  • We ensure that your patients can be moved quickly without putting them in harm’s way (medical or financial)
  • We provide our services free to the hospital and work with you to ensure an excellent patient experience

How we do it

  • We put patient needs and your need for speed first
  • We are clinically-focused. Our team is staffed with experienced Emergency Medicine Doctors and Nurses who are on call 24/7/365. We focus on transfers so you can focus on patient care
  • We’ve invested significantly in our Rapid Transport Response platform – it enables us to do things that other transport providers can’t

Our promise

  • We align with you to ensure patient needs are met  and ensure transparency as to what is happening with the patient after they leave your walls,
  • Find needed services and secure a bed at the receiving facility
  • Coordinate transfer logistics even on very complex patient transfers such as COVID
  • Work with the health plan to ensure patients do not end up with a significant out-of-pocket expense

Bottom line: Alacura simplifies medical transportation. By coordinating a seamless handoff from clinician to clinician, we ensure continuity of care.

Hospital solutions at a glance

  • Single-source solution simplifies the medical transfer process
  • Transfers are closely managed from bedside to bedside
  • Hospital staff are freed up to focus on clinical care for their patients
  • Protects patients from balance billing and financial hardship
  • Enhances the hospital’s reputation for patient care

Simplify your medical transport process while improving patient satisfaction.