Making medical transportation work for every patient. Every time.

Are you a patient, family member, or healthcare provider and need to arrange emergency medical transportation?

We specialize in the transportation of Covid-19 patients.


EMPOWERS patient choice

PROVIDES physical, mental, and emotional support — mile-by-mile

PROTECTS patients from balance billing and inflated charges


MANAGES the patient from bedside to bedside

SUPPORTS the clinical transition, including sourcing beds

LIGHTENS the load for overworked ER and ICU staff


AUTHORIZES the most appropriate transport: Fixed-wing, rotor, or ground

MANAGES medical transport benefits from end-to-end

ELIMINATES unnecessary transport costs 

Alacura’s Medical Transfer Center Solution

How it works:

Give your members the medical transport they need — without getting hit by a large balance bill!

Matching Patient Needs

1. We provide realtime clinical assessments backed by the expertise of our emergency trauma clinicians and data from over ten million transport requests.  more

Rapid Transport Response

2. Alacura’s Transport Management Platform rapidly and accurately connects transport requests to the most patient-appropriate mode and effective cost. more

Total Transport Management

3. From prior-authorization to medical management, we coordinate hospital processes, emergency fleets, network credentialing, and total benefits management. more

Why does it cost $36,000 to save 15 minutes?

When you factor in logistics, the typical air transport saves 15 minutes compared to ground! The vast majority of air ambulance flights involve hospital-to-hospital transfer of stable patients – only 7% are related to trauma.

Air ambulances, once mostly owned by hospital systems and municipalities, have become a big business:

  • Three profit-driven companies own 75% of the nation’s ambulance aircraft
  • The major providers have increased their prices by 285% in the last decade
  • They have increased transport volumes by 30% in the same period
  • A 65-mile ride in a ground ambulance costs the consumer around $2,000.

The average bill is for the same transport by air ambulance is $36,000!

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“Our members appreciate knowing they won’t receive an exorbitant balance bill when they are home recuperating after a hospitalization.”

Janet Roe

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

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Protect your members from exorbitant and often unnecessary medical transport charges.